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We are one of the last stores standing that stills processes film in Canada. We process not only 135mm C-41 colour film but, all sizes including 110, 126, 120 and APS. We also cross process E-6 to give those vibrant greens and yellows.  Black & White of all sizes are also processed by hand, on site, with a “push & pull” process within 24 hours.   We specialize in custom professional printing from 3 1\2”X 5” to 24”X36” poster size.  Your professional prints are available in Matte, Glossy and Fine Art Paper.  Custom Canvas printing is also available.  All of our products are guaranteed superior quality and are competitively priced.  And yes, we still sell all types of film for your non digital cameras. Specialty films (110, 126, 120, 220, APS, 4x5 etc...) are subject to pricing quote for printing/ scanning. The chart below is for 35mm films only.

  • Process 135mm, all C-41 color, 110, 126 APS
  • Cross process E6
  • B&W done onsite using “push/pull” within 24 hours
  • Custom prints from 3 ½ X5 to 24X36
  • Matte, Glossy, Fine Art or Custom Canvas
  • ALL film types available for purchase